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The whole world is currently facing the most hazardous challenge of confronting the Coronavirus at its initial stage. Detection of Coronavirus at its initial stage is extremely critical. While physical visits to doctors can increase the risk of transmission of this pandemic disease, initial remote checkups through telemedicine can bring down the peril to a certain extent.

Last week, both the CDC and the WHO urged the clinics and hospitals to expand their telemedicine use of services. With the support of cutting-edge technology, physicians get the opportunity to treat more patients remotely, thus prohibiting the spread of contagious diseases like the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

Telemedicine and its uses are becoming more and more pertinent with patients getting easier access to care, which reduces the scope of the spread of contagious diseases like the Coronavirus!

Analysts raise the price target for the stocks of Teladoc Health. It is rising sharply in price in the face of a severe downturn in the broader equities market. The company’s excellent

fourth-quarter results, the rise in the use of their telemedicine services are a direct reason for this. In the eyes of many clinicians, health experts, the moment for telemedicine services has arrived!

GoTelecare: A Next-Gen Telemedicine Destination

For physicians, virtual visits are more convenient/effective than seeing patients in person. Physicians have the flexibility of working from home, book virtual health visits at hours of convenience. With telemedicine covering more and more health conditions, it significantly improves cumulative wait times with fewer administrative hassles and can document while conducting a visit.

GoTelecare fully endorses the financial benefit and the the positive impact of using telemedicine instead of traditional visits, particularly with epidemics like the Coronavirus, where the spread of infection can be mitigated with virtual consultations.

We offer our cutting edge telemedicine services that improve access to physicians and specialists so that the patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time! GoTelecare is a complete healthcare services company and firmly believes that telemedicine, in its full potential, can significantly mitigate the spread of fatal viral diseases like the Coronavirus.