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GoTelecare is a next gen healthcare franchise with a difference! Currently, our licensees have great possibilities of earning passive residual income of over $40,000 a month consistently with our streamlined lead generation, marketing and training support. For any acquisition of clients, GoTelecare entitles you to earn 20% of the top line on an ongoing basis which will be equivalent to almost 50:50 sharing of profit.

We have been setting the benchmark as a complete healthcare franchise. With the right support in to our licensees, helping them with dedicated pre-sales /marketing and training support, we are truly a healthcare franchise with unlimited growth potential for their business partners.

As a company, we believe in working as a desired operational extension for our clients, by delivering state of the art support in medical billing and telemedicine services. As a healthcare franchise, we offer a complete host of support activities for our channel partners, licensees with our pre-sales and marketing action plan.

A large number of industry leaders, CEO’s, CFO’s are joining us as we offer a unique business model that helps in earning profits in the best possible manner. Our healthcare franchise opportunity is one of a kind as there is unlimited growth potential, offering a complete plan of action that helps you with great possibilities of earning passive residual income in the best possible manner. With our free account management / pre-sales and marketing support, you have an excellent opportunity to earn 20% of the top line which is equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing.

GoTelecare is a next gen healthcare franchise offering great possibilities of reaching unlimited income potential. The best part, we offer you as our proud channel partners, complete support and a great business opportunity of making it big in the medical billing business world.

There are enormous opportunities with rising cumulative wait times, stringent payer guidelines and a need for a perfect medical billing partner, for an improved RCM experience. Looking to know more! We are just a call away from you! We can demonstrate our business partnership and unique revenue sharing model with you over a “no commitment call”. Leverage the GoTelecare opportunity right now!