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Today the healthcare franchise is witnessing serious growth due to various reasons like higher reimbursement rates, lesser investment and numerous opportunities. However, the real question for many new aspirants looking to invest in the healthcare franchise business is how to choose the right healthcare franchise.

GoTelecare: The ideal platform for successful Healthcare Franchise Possibility

Being a next gen medical billing and collections as well as telemedicine Solution Company, we provide our clients with a host of solutions that meet immediate practice management demands and cash flow giving them a better financial stability. Catering to the task specific activities in data entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management and accounts receivable collections and also in remote patients monitoring for telemedicine assistance, GoTelecare platform ensures the best avenues for your business growth.

Offering various excellent opportunities to earn as high as $40,000 a month, partnering with us for healthcare franchise furthermore benefits you, as we assure
No charges in installation,
No charges in training,
No charges in interface set up expenses

Providing you all with complete pre sales support and training, marketing support, customized presentation according to your requirement, our platform is the key toward a strong future that requires a one- time sign up amount without any national marketing / advertising contributions

In fact, for promoting new acquisitions, we further have additional advantages as we offer you:

Over 100s of references from leading names in the healthcare space.
Licensees to be entitled to 20% of the top line, equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing on an ongoing basis,
The entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes
Complete support with validated leads which make it easier to close and help your business to grow etc

In fact, being considered as one of the leading healthcare franchise destinations for our lucrative growth possibilities, the GoTelecare healthcare business opportunity ensures no operational headache along.

Providing you with a complete support in errors of Omission & Commission from Hiscox/Geico with a liability cover of $1 million and 100% HIPAA compliance, we are the only franchise offering a no cost dedicated account manager as well.
So, if you are someone looking to grow your business in the healthcare domain, GoTelecare is the ideal destination. For more information, call us right now.