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The healthcare landscape is evolving, acute need for virtual solutions and its steep demand is something worthy to take note off. Also, with the shortage of staffs crunching the market and creating confusion with piling paper works and claims, medical billing services will also be a huge requirement around. Opportunities in the space of healthcare franchise is tremendous and if you are looking to do something on your own, this might be it!

Both telemedicine and medical billing business will see uncapped growth potential in the near future. As a channel partner, you might want to check out what your healthcare franchise has on offer. Few questions that should be on the top of your mind “What is the revenue sharing potential? “ How long is the company in the business”? Last but not the least, “How strong are their client references”?

A Unique 2 in 1 Business Model for Excellence

Over 100’s of references across the healthcare space, GoTelecare combines telemedicine and medical billing all under one roof. As a next gen RCM destination, we have been setting benchmarks and deliver both pre and post billing services to some of the biggest names.

Our ability to extend superior support rests from the fact that we are working with both payers and providers and have a country wide footprint. So rest be assured, that we are a reputed healthcare services company.

Excellent pre-sales and Marketing Support

All our franchisees will be provided dedicated lead generation support, extensive training and will be provided the latest digital marketing support. The best part, all of this without paying anything additional. We know what it takes to provide the support to you. Also, no one in the industry offers a unique revenue sharing model like us. For any acquisition, you will be entitled to a 20% of the top line and that too on an ongoing basis which is equivalent to a 50:50 sharing.

Let our experts give you a complete demonstration on how we make the difference. We are ahead when it comes to offering you a near perfect healthcare franchise opportunity.