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According to a recent study that has been published under the American Informatics Association, virtual visits to urgent care centers in the healthcare system almost rose by 683%. Non urgent virtual visits also grew by a humongous 4345% right between March 2nd and March 14th. There is no way to go back to 50 visits a day as the genie is already out of the bottle. To cite an example, Medstar health went from two visits a day to almost 4150 visits in a span of just two months.

Clearly, telemedicine is having its moment now and if you are looking to work your way up the healthcare industry on your own, partnering with a healthcare franchise that delivers cutting edge solutions in telehealth will be a great boost. Demand is already quite high and with a quality healthcare franchise, you can make serious inroads and make fortunes out of it.

Also, medical billing industry is a profitable one and with present staff shortages all around, need for qualified billers and coders will be high among the healthcare providers. A healthcare franchise that already has an enviable presence all across the industry can do wonders with your residual income. Partnering with a quality services company in healthcare can help you earn a competitive edge and earn money without worrying about overhead charges.

GoTelecare : Your Search for a Healthcare Franchise Ends Here

If you are looking to be a part of a franchise, offering excellent possibilities of growth by delivering all the support with pre-sales, lead generation, marketing, the answer is GoTelecare! We have strongly emerged as a quality healthcare services company offering tailored solutions in medical billing and telemedicine to a large spectrum of healthcare providers. Moreover, our channel partners need not worry about spending recurring money as we guarantee unprecedented growth by paying a one-time sign up amount.

We offer a unique approach with a 2 in 1 business opportunity , delivering all training and marketing support at no additional costs. We offer you 20% of the top line on an ongoing basis. Let us discuss more on our partnership opportunity about our healthcare franchise.