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The potency of the relationship between a doctor and a patient is the best way to keep the care in a qualitative manner. Telemedicine, in this case have the power to expand the relationship. In telemedicine, virtual visits by doctors can bring a positive and refreshing change as well as healthy and positive vibe between the doctor and the patient.

Some physicians would disagree that an online visit cannot be compared to an in-office appointment. In fact, virtual visits are proved a very effective way to build a closer relationship between a doctor and his/her patient. How does that happen? Telemedicine helps you to keep your patients away from the competition of retail health.

Why primary care provider is essential for a patient can be divulged in three steps –

Provider knows the patient – Patients are comfortable having a primary care provider who knows the patient’s lifestyle and history. While writing the prescription, they consider patient’s medical history and prescribe the medicines to treat the patients. This practice is especially useful with children. A pediatrician knows the child’s preferences.

Patients are cautious of telemedicine – With the ever-evolving technology of telemedicine and its development, it may get overwhelming for the patients as well as for the doctors. When the patients starts doubting the system whether their data will be safe with the new technology, they ask their doctors about it, that is how telemedicine comes into practice.

The continuity in care – In our healthcare system that is more into fragmented care are urgent-care centers, retail clinics and most importantly online telemedicine visits with doctors who are not familiar to you. This bafflement leads to uncountable ER visits that make things more intricate, as different medical bills are accessible. In that case, the doctor has to rely entirely on the patient to get the medical history.

If telemedicine is meant to be the best possible clinical tool, it has to be done with the combination of doctor and patient relationship. That way the patients will be more engaged in their health and possibility gets higher that they will stay with the trustworthy provider.