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Healthcare franchise

Powerful Opportunities With a Complete Healthcare Franchise

If you are looking to make it big in the competitive landscape, grab the Gotelecare healthcare franchise opportunity. As a next gen medical billing and collections company, we offer a host of solutions that meet immediate practice management demands and cash flow optimizing possibilities by performing task specific activities in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management and accounts receivable collections.

Also, we cater cutting edge telemedicine/RPM solutions and excel in offering our pre and post billing services to top names in: DME, HME, O&P, Nursing Homes, Dermatology practices, Radiology Centers, Imaging Centers, Hospitals, Physician practices, Ambulatory Services, Urgent Care centers and many more.

All our licensees have an excellent opportunity of utilizing our growth model and leverage it! We offer a unique 2 in 1 healthcare franchise opportunity and currently our licensees are earning over $40,000 a month. There are no charges in installation, training, interface set up expenses as well as we give you all with pre-sales and marketing support.

With a one- time sign up amount, you will be entitled to exceptional growth opportunities. For supporting new acquisitions, Gotelecare can offer you over 100’s of references from leading names in the healthcare space. For any acquisitions, our licensees will be entitled to 20% of the top line, equivalent to a 50:50 profit sharing on an ongoing basis, that too….with our dedicated presales, training and marketing support. No other healthcare franchise offers such lucrative growth possibilities.

Why Partnering with a Healthcare Franchise can be a Great Idea?

The market for telemedicine services is witnessing serious growth. Decisions with interstate and practice issues, high reimbursement rates this year has influenced the growth greatly. There is immense opportunity ahead for market players with the huge demand in store.

Virtual health services will be determining the continuity of medicine and its delivery. Healthcare providers will be constantly looking for solutions that help them improve their patient intake and also reduce costs in logistics and staff management.

Also, with changing regulations and complexities with qualified staffs, outsourcing of medical billing will be in high demand all across. Healthcare providers will need dedicated resources that can help them manage their everyday practice management requirements. Medical billing has a huge potential as a services industry. The market is growing at a consistent CAGR of 6.5% between 2017 and 2023.

As someone who wants to make it big in the healthcare segment and become your own boss, you have to look for a healthcare franchise that offers this balance.

Healthcare franchise

GoTelecare Advantage

Gotelecare extends a unique 2 in 1 healthcare franchise opportunity. Partnering with us will entitle you

A 50:50 revenue sharing model
☑ 20% of the top-line on an ongoing basis
☑ Complete presales / training and marketing support
☑ A one-time sign up with no over head charges

Know more on our healthcare franchise from our experts over a demonstration. We help you become your own boss by making you a part of our family.

Revenue Cycle Management

GoTelecare provides excellent healthcare franchise opportunities for its end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services. We have proven expertise and are claims adjudication partners for leading Payers across the US. Over the years, we have also been setting the benchmark with our quality Practice Management methods. Franchisees will be fully equipped to start helping healthcare practices collect from more revenue from their insurance claim submissions and eliminate loopholes in their claim management process. Also, our expert team in AR collections will help in realizing up to 97% in collections.

Remote Patient Monitoring

As a HIPAA compliant telehealth company, GoTelecare provides lucrative opportunities in the segment of Remote Patient Monitoring. It provides real-time tracking and transmission of patient vitals to the doctor. Our telemedicine platform seamlessly integrates the RPM functionality, helping doctors stay in touch with their patients 24/7 and provide consultations whenever necessary. GoTelecare has transformed the way conventional clinics work, by virtualizing operations with the help of devices that are automated, well connected and designed to share streamlined information. Our RPM system records vitals like EKG, Pulse, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Temperature & SpO2 (or oxygen saturation in blood, using Pulse Oximeter), and built to perform accurately across various platforms.


GoTelecare's telemedicine platform has practically abolished geographical barriers and has brought patients and caregivers closer than ever. Our experts have implemented their sound understanding of the immediate requirements of the industry. GoTelecare’s telemedicine platform helps doctors schedule, and provide, medical consultation to remote patients, in a secure, HIPAA compliant and highly convenient virtual space. This is the future of healthcare, and by becoming a business partner, you too can be a part of this exciting tomorrow.

FAQ's on Healthcare Franchise

Why Will I Choose a Healthcare Franchise for Growth?

There are great opportunities if you are looking to become your own boss in the healthcare landscape. With possibilities in virtual solutions expanding and medical billing services being in top demand, possibilities are endless!

What Will be The Revenue Sharing Model?

Gotelecare healthcare franchise offers a unique revenue sharing model and an excellent possibility of earning almost 20% of the topline on an ongoing basis which is a 50:50 revenue sharing possibility! There is only a one time sign up amount. You can work at your own hours for uncapped profit margins.

What about My Overhead Charges?

There is little or no overhead or recurring expenses with us. Our team will be offering it all with an excellent lead gen program to help you with all presales and marketing requirements.

Why do You Consider Yourself as The Best Healthcare Franchise?

Gotelecare has unparalleled standards with lead generation, presales and marketing support and that too at no additional costs. Also, we offer full training support as well with dedicated account managers assigned for our channel partners and franchisees. We are the best healthcare franchise for a reason as we drive trust & excellence.

Will I be Delivered Training?

All our channel partners undergo an extensive training program at our costs. We offer it all with success stories, information that you need with selling the services to the client. Our team will be delivering full training to help you hunt and farm in the market.

What are Your Uniqueness?

Gotelecare offers a unique 2 in 1 healthcare franchise opportunity and offers medical billing and telemedicine services all under one roof. We have near perfected the telehealth world with our stand out features in remote patient monitoring. We work with over 100’s of clients offering medical billing services to them with excellent references. Our team with excellent productivity have reduced 80% of their current billing costs.

Why do I Buy Your Healthcare Franchise Opportunity?

Gotelecare sets the standards in telemedicine and medical billing, with over 100’s of references all across the country. You can buy our healthcare franchise opportunity as we extend unparalleled growth possibilities by paying only a one time sign up amount.

The biggest advantage of being a part of the Gotelecare family is that we sell to the client with you, bring them onboard and then you can leave the rest with us. We offer them complete support, all communication possibilities and set the benchmark with a unique revenue sharing model unlike any of our competitors.

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