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GoTelecare Sets The Benchmark As A Medical Billing Franchise

Partner with GoTelecare, the leading medical billing franchise in the country, offering a unique revenue sharing model. We welcome you to an excitingMedical Billing Franchise and lucrative opportunity combining our proprietary state of the art telehealth platform, (that features a cutting edge remote patient monitoring service) with end to end revenue cycle management, making us the only telemedicine franchise in the world!

We guarantee ongoing, residual income, a great 2 in 1 business opportunity with no stringent cash flow requirements. There are no recurring costs involved, no costs for an office lease and virtually no overhead. Our channel partners get complete pre-sales, marketing and training support at zero charges!

Why GoTelecare Medical Billing Franchise Unique in The Competition!

We are offering the perfect low cost partnership opportunity as a medical billing franchise. Yes, we are the only company that integrates end to end healthcare revenue cycle management solutions with stand alone telemedicine services!

Competitor GoTelecare
 Recurring cost in executing every account resulting from direct expenses and additional overhead such as:

• Personnel payroll

• On-going royalty fees must be paid off your top line

– Infrastructural cost
– Health insurance premium
– Employment taxes
– Training cost
– Staffing agency commission

This leads to a lower net income, along with the additional burden of spending hours headhunting for the right personnel and then spending thousands in employing them.

 No recurring cost beyond the one-time sign-up fees.

GoTelecare’s very own medical billing & coding team takes care of everything and processes orders on behalf of the franchisee at an incredibly low, flat hourly rate!

Franchisees enjoy a substantially higher net residual income with no additional expenses and zero headache! Work from home, work anywhere- You simply attract the interest of a prospective client, we do the rest!

 No assistance to franchisees with generating leads. You are solely responsible to for prospecting and closing all future clients  

Full support in lead generation to every franchisee by a dedicated Business Development Executive at no extra cost! Your personal executive will make appointments for you to visit with potential clients by means of phone, email and LinkedIn sales.

 Offers only medical billing franchise opportunity.

The only 2-in-1 franchise opportunity in the US providing medical billing and a proprietary telemedicine platform!

 Only a limited number of software platforms are supported.

GoTelecare billers and coders can work on every available billing software platform! Since we are software agnostic, there are no limitations what we can do. We can even work with practices who have created an in-house platform!

 Limited support with training and marketing. Only in-home modules available.

Free, unlimited access to a full range of customized marketing tools, along with great
on-the-job training!

 Outdated marketing methods which don’t appeal to prospective healthcare clients accurately

Cutting edge marketing and advertising executed on your behalf by corporate. Including email blasts, custom marketing material made for each franchisee, and outstanding presence on social media

 You must process each and every claim individually yourself

Your responsibility is to bring a client to us- we sell the client with you, put together all contracts, and do ALL the back end billing work and maintain all communication.

Does not do manual claims processing. Some claims require this. If you cannot perform this sometimes mandatory task you are cutting potential and current business

Our back-end office has the capability to process any claim the client needs. This means manual and electronic. Our team has years of experience in the field and all have a minimum of a bachelor of science degree.



Earn more with the GoTelecare Medical Billing Franchise!

We assign every franchisee a dedicated lead generating sales assistant, and full account management support. Our experts are ready to give you a full demonstration.

To top it off, the entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes when calculating your income tax, so saving more is a reality!

Our experts are ready to give you a full demonstration, reach out today!

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