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What is secure video conferencing?

Can a doctor use their own EMR or do they have to use GoTelecare’s?

Yes, the doctor has the option to utilize their own EMR.

What is the difference between your product and other telehealth companies?

GoTelecare is  partnered with Emdeon which allows us to receive a pre authorization from the insurance company to ensure the patient’s insurance will cover the cost of the consultation

How is using GoTelecare advantageous to providers?

A. Flexible work hours – part time or full time and set your own hours B. Work from your practice office, home office or virtually anywhere – it’s your choice C. Get paid for after hours patient calls that using only a phone doesn’t allow D. Grow your income and gain new control and independence for your practice E. Low overhead costs- no need for expensive office space F. Focus on your patients and your practice- our virtual assistants handle scheduling and billing G. Eliminate travel time and cost while expanding your patient base H. Become part of a broader professional network of leading physicians

What healthcare organizations are benefiting from telehealth?

Everyone who needs healthcare from patients to hospitals. See a list of clients who are benefiting from telehealth: Click Here

What are the benefits of web-based EMR?

A. The provider is able complete the soap notes, objective and subjective consult plans during the consultation B. Since it is web-based, there is no software to download, which means providers can log in from any computer that has internet connection.

What devices can be used for the service?

All smart phones, iPad, Android tablet, laptop, and any computer with a webcam.

What is the cost for patients?

The service is free. When patients utilize their insurance plan for the telehealth consult, there may be associated co-pay due at the time of the consultation.

Why would a provider use GT over another telehealth company?

GoTelecare is unique for telehealth companies because we process insurance for the telehealth consults while duplicating the effort of the provider in their brick and mortar model.

How long does it take for a provider to get paid when GT does the medical billing?

It takes the same amount of time for the provider to be paid as if the provider was submitting the billing by themselves.

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