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We began our relationship with Sun Knowledge in March of 2020. It has been 3 months and we are happy to supply feedback with the progress of the work being completed. We are incredibly pleased with the progress that Sun Knowledge has made over the last 3 months. We are happy with the working relationship that we have and the dedication that Sun Knowledge has for our company.

70% Reduction in Current Billing Cost

T**** N*****, Accounts Receivable- Supervisor, Leading Prosthetic & Orthotic Company from from Philadelphia

It’s hard to believe but we are already well into mid year 2020. I wanted to send our Sun Knowledge (SK) team a quick email to thank you for the terrific job that you have been doing. When we first started this new partnership with SK, we have no way of knowing how things will turn out. However, the feedback from the US staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing and I look forward to continue working with all of you in the future.

Thanks Sunknowledge Team for your support

N**** N****, President, Leading DME Company from California

I just wanted to send a quick email and tell all of you what a wonderful job you have done getting all of the work caught up! I am so impressed with the way each of you stepped up to tackle the chart backlog this week. Thank you! I am also very pleased to see the relationships and collaborations that are growing between our in-house and off-shore CSRs. I am happy and proud with how far we have come as a team. Working together only makes us stronger! Finally, I want to share with all of you that I anticipate today and the coming days to be very busy. We are receiving a lot of new orders all at once right now. I know we will all work together to have an amazing end-of-month! We appreciate you all! Thank you for working so hard!

Great Job Team!!!

B*** R***, Customer Service, Leading DME company from Illinois

Thank you for completing so many SO’s over the past few days! Great work!

Powerful Practice Management/Revenue Cycle Management Support

B***** Z****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider

Please know that I think the SK Team is doing great! These recent requests of mine are mostly due to underdeveloped SOPs or overly generalized requests I’ve made to the SK Team. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the dedication and devotion demonstrated by the SK Team and it truly is a pleasure working with you all. Please bear with me while we navigate towards greatness.

Reputed Medical Billing and Telemedicine Company

N*****​ O******, Supervisor (BILLING), Leading Genomic Lab from California

Just wanted to continue to commend sunknowledge team for their great work. So thankful for how quickly you’ve jumped in to things, and already doing very well with productivity. I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to continue working with such a wonderful team. Thanks again, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Excellent Support In Medical Billing Services

G***** K***, Team Leader - Commercial AR, Largest Home Medical Equipment Provider in Pennsylvania

I want to acknowledge and reiterate the phenomenal job the Sunknowledge team is doing. Your team have been extremely helpful and accommodating during these extraordinary times. Not only do we keep our board and investors informed regarding the excellent work you are doing, they also know SK is a true strategic business partner to us. Please keep up the outstanding work. And, I hope our Sunknowledge family is staying safe and healthy!

True strategic business partner

T***** B****, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Leading Urgent Care Provider in Brooklyn, NYC

I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to give kudos to sunknowledge team, our president has taken notice to your resupply order volume. Keep up the great work to all of the team members!

Best productivity metrics in the healthcare RCM world

W***** W*****, Assistant Manager, Leading Home Healthcare Service Provider from Michigan

That is such great news, Guys!! Thank you so much 😊 You guys are vital part of this team.

A Reliable Operational Extension

B*******N Z**N, Director Of Operations, Leading DME Company From California

 I see what an excellent job sunknowledge have done in catching up on your RCWL.  From around 60 cases last month to only 22 cases this morning, you’re doing great work!  Your determination is paying off!

Leading Edge Team For Improved Collections

B***** Z****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider From California

We would not have been able to get through the crazy volume yesterday without the great help from SK!!

We have a reliable disaster management plan

S****** B*****, Leading DME Provider From Pennsylvania

Thank you all for what you do on a daily basis. We received a shout out by other teams today with how prompt & helpful you all are. You are an AMAZING Team!!

Offering a robust redundancy plan

I am very pleased with the progress we have made since Sunknowledge has gone live with L***** L**** M*****. I understand that it has been a difficult process and that there has been many issues to sort through to get to where we are now. I want to point out our gratitude for the team going above and beyond the scope to train with our software company and offer assistance to Lincoln Lakes side of our billing responsibility. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with Sunknowledge.

Delivering excellence as a dedicated extension

C***** G******, Manager, Leading DME Provider from Maine

The work looks great!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

We work as your RCM partner

L****** H*****, Manager of Electronic Departments and Remote Partner Teams, Leading DME Provider From Pennsylvania

Good job done !!

Complete practice management support

S****** K******, Insurance Authorization, Supervisor, Leading DME Provider from Pennsylvania

You guys are the best, thank you so much! I hope you have a great weekend And we are very fortunate to have the Sun Knowledge team assisting us 🙂

A team that delivers performance

D**** B*****, Business Analyst, Leading DME Provider from Massachusetts

Great job with reporting. Your team knows to keep up the great work !!

Customised Reporting standards

S****** K****, Insurance Authorization, Supervisor, Leading DME Provider From Pennsylvania

I am so impressed by your ability to work steadily on higher dollar claims despite the high volume of small-value invoices filling up your worklist; that’s been so great to see!I want to reward you for all your hard work by having you work on invoices with much higher value.We’re going to make such a strong new team!

Resources offering out of the box support

B***** Z****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider from California

Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work on January files. I am sure it was a challenging month. Good job team Sun!

We transform your collections with actionable support

J***** E******, Billing Manager, Leading DME Provider from Kentucky

Wonderful Job! Everyone.

Leading edge team for improved collections

J****** H*****, Director of Cash Applications, Leading DME Provider from Pennsylvania

That is Awesome !!!! GREAT month of cash collections! Please thank the entire Sunknowledge team for putting in all the extra effort and coming in on weekends to get claims out the door in a timely manner. We want to thank everyone on the team for their hard work.

We fast-track your collections

C***** Y****, Leading Urgent Care Provider from New York Area

Amazing results ! We are very happy to see all this cash in the door, well than making up for the dip in the last 2 weeks due to the technical issue that occurred in late December of last year. Keep up the good work! We understand that your team has been working long shift hours and also working the past few weekends due to the flurry of claims arising from our spectacular December/January visits. We want to say thank you for your dedication and really appreciate all the hard work you guys have been putting in these last few weeks.

Staffing done based on client priority

C***** Y****, Director of Finance, Leading DME Provider for New York Area

I am very pleased with the work that has been done in last 2 weeks. It is a relief to see payments coming in and I look forward to discussing further service starting next month. Your service and hard work is much appreciated.

A team working as an extension of your best practices

C***** G*****, Manager, Leading DME Provider from Maine Area

Wow, this is very impressive work from your team without any doubt!

Deliver niche support as a complete billing extension

S***** B*****, CEO, Leading DME Provider from California

Your team is doing excellent work. I have not come across any errors from your team.Keep up the good work.

A team for a hassle free RCM experience

T****** W*****, Manager of Cash Posting, Leading DME Provider from Pennsylvania

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