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Thank you with the 6/1 corrected claim worked and paid in full! I’m sure there are tons of examples of your success but I just happened to find this one and wanted to share with you. Nice work!

Excellent Team In Claims Submission

B****** Z***, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider From California

Committed Team Delivering Performance

Hope everybody’s set for a good relaxing weekend. My boss S**** is about to take a few days of much-deserved vacation time and wanted me to let the Billing team know how happy she is with all of us! She explained that, before us, she used to worry and work even during her vacations because she didn’t have this strong, capable team to rely on. Our ability to work together and to constantly seek the right answer to a problem, instead of the quickest or easiest answer, is the secret to all this success we’ve had together. Thank you guys for all the help and hard work!

Great Team!!!!!

B****** Z*****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider From California

The team continues to do stellar work! Thank you for your continued dedication to excellence Sunknowledge Team.

Excellent Team Work

I just wanted to say great job to the team for August posting. You turned in your last file this morning finishing ahead of schedule again. We will let you know once you can begin posting in the new month. Thanks for a job well done.

J**** E*****, Billing Manager, Leading DME Provider From Kentucky

I just wanted to share with you both that we are pleased with the work Sunknowledge has done in the last couple of months. They’ve been able to keep up with the volume of work we have distributed to them. It is a pleasure working with Sunknowledge Team.

Pleased With Sunknowledge Work

K***** S*****, Billing Manager, Leading DME Provider From Michigan

Just wanted to take a moment to share that Sunknowledge Team completed 23 SO’s yesterday! All that revenue we needed so badly to help improve our numbers for the month of August and, amazingly, it was about three days worth of work that he completed all in one day. This is really something!

Amazing Work By Sunknowledge Team

B**** Z**** , Operations Manager, Leading DME Company From California

You guys have hit your target (24-48 hours) on posting. Amazing turnaround! Electronic posting and manual deposit posting are within 24hours. Thanks again for implementing and sticking with the change that produced this result. This will improve overall timely follow up tremendously. In addition, it flushes the secondary and tertiary billing through the system timely. Keep it up!

Unparalleled Quality Support

B**** S****, VP Operations/Information Technology, Leading DME Provider From New York City

I just wanted to let you know that your team spent a lot of time on a difficult/frustrating chart for us. I really appreciate how hard they worked on it and how collaborative they were with the CSR. I thanked them, but I wanted to be sure to let you know as well! We are so glad for our team at Sun Knowledge!

Your trusted team at these extraordinary times

B**** R****, Customer Service, Leading DME Provider from Illinois

I wanted to give you a heads up that D**** received a rave compliment from a patient today who is grateful to have employees treat her as if she is their own family member. We will include him in our weekly “kudos” message, but I want to keep you informed.

Excellent Support

K****** B****, Customer Care Supervisor, Leading DME Provider from California

Thank you so much Team for sharing. We will add this to our weekly team share. Great job by Sunknowledge Team!

Thank You Team

E**** M***, Regional Director of Customer Care, Leading DME provider from California

We are definitely seeing fewer coming through right now with the **** recall. We’ll keep an eye on that as we go forward. The team continues to do great work!

Thank you Sunknowledge Team

D**** B****, Leading DME Provider From Pennsylvania

Thank You for the update you guys are doing great, all of the claims were paid. Have a great day.

Highly Recommend Sunknowledge

M**** S****, A/R Specialist, Leading Orthotics & Prosthetics Provider from Connecticut

Great Job, thank you

A reliable medical billing solution/ support

T***** H****, Leading DME Provider from Tennessee

I would also like to thank sunknowledge team, for all his hard work in keeping the team moving forward and rising to any task or challenge we have given him. I asked for some extra help with a large deposit on the 3rd and Sun immediately jumped in to complete the deposit and offer the support we needed. I have watched this team grow since we started our partnership. While there were undoubtedly many challenges along the way this team has stepped up, taken ownership of the job, and risen to any challenge presented. Thanks to sunknowledge team for your hard work and dedication.

A ideal destination resolving all your medical billing challenges

J***** E******. Billing Manager, Leading Home Medical from Kentucky

Good work. I see sunknowledge team perfectly notated the 2 units K0108 on the ven invoice on SO 20674. Excellent!

The perfect support team that you need or a perfect RCM solution for better ROI

B**** Z**** , Leading DME company from California

I reviewed the claims and they all seem to be correct Great job for such a short training session. The secondary claims that did not pay or paid partially will be adjusted off when the remittance and payments come in and the payments are posted. Very well done. Should you have questions or need assistance, I am available. Thank you for all your help.Have a great day.

The ideal solution for all claims management

M***** S***,A/R Specialist, Leading Orthotic and Prosthetic company from Connecticut

Team work makes the Dream work! Great job!

Exceptional Dedicated Resources

G**** L***** , Leading Urgent Care Company from South Dakota

The team is doing a phenomenal job. We’re working on expanding your workload by including more insurance verifications for our DME IV – finalizing workflow with the team. The team is performing above expectation and with great accuracy and speed. Thank you,

One Stop RCM Support

D**** B****, Leading DME Provider from Pennsylvania


Excellent Team Work

R*** B***, Director Of Authorizations, Leading DME Provider From Pennsylvania

Great job Sunknowledge Team! You are doing awesome! Keep it up.

Great Team!!!!

N**** M******, Leading DME Provider from California

I have reviewed and want to share sunknowledge team’s Q1 2021 productivity results. Throughout this quarter, team completed 273 tasks with a total value of $256,356.55. Compare this to Q4 2020 where team completed 310 tasks with a total value of $110,967. Very proud of Sunknowledge team! Now, let’s see how much of team’s focus and problem-solving we can teach and instill into our new billing team!

Transform your collections with our dedicated support

B***** Z****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider From California

Great work! Tell everyone it is appreciated!!

Great Job Sunknowledge Team!!!

C***** C*****, Director of Reimbursement, Leading DME Provider from California

Nice job here, team!!

Stand Alone/ End To End Medical Billing

H*** G****** VP, RCM Remote Labor Operations, Leading Home Medical Equipment Company From Pennsylvania

Thank you guys for yet another strong week. I’m so thankful to have your tireless help each and every day. In so many ways, I’m learning right along with you guys so it means a lot to have such understanding and capable teammates. Thank you for your patience and all your hard work!

A Reliable Operational Extension

B***** Z****, Billing Operations Manager, Leading DME Provider from California

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